Choosing Sprayed Edges Book and Publication - SeSe Printing

May 18, 2023
Choosing Sprayed Edges Book and Publication - SeSe Printing

Choosing Sprayed Edges Book and Publication

Custom sprayed edges book is a type of print that catches the eye of many book collectors and artists with their exceptional craftsmanship.

Cover – You can choose hardback cover, leather cover, paperback cover and fabric cover. 

◪ Spine – The back portion of a book's binding which is visible when a book is shelved in a bookcase; the portion which is attached at the joints to the front and rear covers. It is composed of cardboard and book cover. 

  • ◪ Text – The text is composed of words and pictures, including the main body of the article, detailed analysis, examples, etc. You can choose black and white printing or four-color printing.

◪ Paper – Common paper materials include coated paper, kraft paper, white cardboard, matte powder paper and double-adhesive paper.

Process for sprayed edges book printing

When you get your sprayed edges book printed,it is usually cut in its entirety and then decorated by hand or using digital technology to print various colors or graphics on the three sides of the paper at the edges of the book.

Advantages of sprayed edges book

◪ Exquisite appearance: The surface of the book has been treated with wax spraying, embossing and polishing, etc., and the appearance is exquisite.

  • ◪ Strong moisture resistance: The surface of the book is treated with wax spraying, wire drawing, embossing and polishing, so that it has good moisture resistance and will not deteriorate due to moisture.

  • ◪ High finish: The finish of the written book is higher than that of ordinary books. After the surface of the book is treated, in addition to the smooth touch, the pattern is also finer.

  • ◪ Strong flipping ability: the surface of the book is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, sweat-resistant, and has high folding resistance. It can easily realize spiral flipping, which is more convenient and quick.

How much does it cost to make a sprayed edges book?

Pricing for printing sprayed edges books in SESE Printing varies, depending upon which printing method you choose for your book from the cover style to the page count of the book.

What binding methods for sprayed edged books?

Case Binding
Perfect Binding

The binding method of a sprayed edges book depends on the book cover, and a hardcover/leather/cloth cover sprayed edges book usually uses a case bound. Thesprayed edges book with soft cover is bound with a perfect binding.

Sprayed edges book printing is a kind of way to bring more authenticity and credibility to the work. SESE Printing provide affordable and high quality solutions to meet diverse client needs.

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